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The NiSi Aluminum Step-Up Rings allow the use of various threaded filter sizes on lenses with standard filter threads. They feature a lightweight, aluminum-alloy construction that has a corrosion-resistant, black anodized finish for durability.


What is a step-up ring?
NiSi step-up rings work with filters, but they are not filters themselves. Instead, these products serve as adapters with threads on both sides, allowing you to use filters with different size lenses. For example, you can screw the step-up ring into a 67mm lens and then screw a 77mm filter into the ring.

Why and when would you use a step-up ring?
Step-up rings allow you to purchase a filter set for one lens size, but use it with all the lenses in your bag. Well-made products, like NiSi step-up rings, will allow you to use filters with different lenses without losing image sharpness. This quality is why you should choose NiSi . You can shop the NiSi website to find the sizes matching the lenses in your collection.

Does it matter if the ring is made of brass or aluminum?
Brass and aluminum step-up rings have different advantages. Brass is more durable, but it is also more expensive. Aluminum is lighter and cheaper but may bend more easily. We recommend the brass step-up rings as they include a antireflective matting, will not bind or jam and have knurling or grip on the sides of the filter to make it easier to remove. If you have questions about materials, you can contact NiSi.