Circular Filters

Filters to improve colour, contrast and long exposure photography.

NiSi UV & Protective Filters

Protect your investment from bumps, scratches and wear & tear with quality NiSi Protective Filters.

NiSi Polarising Filters (C-PL)

Reducing glare and reflections to restore true colour in your outdoor photography.

NiSi Neutral Density Filters (ND)

Take control of your long exposures and help smooth out the chaos in your seascapes and landscapes.

NiSi Mist Filters

Create a more “cinematic” feel to videos and still imagery.

NiSi Solar Filters

Capture stunning solar images, allowing you to capture the sun’s details without overexposing your images.

NiSi Circular Accessories

Bring full flexibility to your photography with multi-filter kits and accessories.