NiSi Nano Optical Cleaning Kit


  • Residue-free formula for fast and abrasive free cleaning
  • Suitable for Nano coated Filters, Lenses and other electronic device screens
  • Forms a protective coating on the surface
  • 100% Safe and abrasive free formula
  • Includes the Nano Cleaning Solution and 6 cleaning wipes

The NiSi Nano Optical Cleaning Kit is designed to be 100% safe for all Nano coated filters and lenses. Featuring a residue-free formula that forms a protective coating on the surface, it’s designed for safe, fast and abrasive-free cleaning. ┬áThe kit contains the Nano Cleaning Liquid (25ml/0.8 fl oz) and six optical cleaning cloths. For best results, the liquid can be sprayed directly on the filter, lens or screen and gently wiped or can also be sprayed onto the cloth first before wiping.

The Nano Optical cleaning lit is suitable for optical surfaces including camera and cinema filters, cameras, lenses and screens of electronic devices. The Nano optical Cleaning kit forms a coating on the surface which creates a protective layer.