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Sirui SVT75 Pro Rapid Professional Video Carbon Fibre Tripod


  • 75mm bowl Fitting
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Rapid deployment legs
  • Supports up to 25kgs
  • Includes levelling base with quick release handle
  • Includes mid level spreader
  • Includes carry handle
  • Height range 21cm to 153cm
  • One stage leg adjustment
  • Integrated spiked feet
  • Removable horseshoe foot pads


Sirui SVT75 Pro Rapid Professional Video Carbon Fibre Tripod

Advance Your Cinematic Mastery

Step into a realm of premium performance with the Sirui SVT75 Pro Rapid Professional Video Carbon Fibre Tripod. Meticulously crafted to exceed the expectations of seasoned professionals and aspiring videographers, this tripod is the epitome of stability, adaptability, and featherweight design, guaranteeing your videography remains unparalleled.

Key Features:

  1. Elite Carbon Fibre Craftsmanship: Harness the power of an incredibly light yet astoundingly robust tripod. Thanks to its unmatched carbon fibre composition, the SVT75 Pro Rapid promises unmatched sturdiness without compromising on portability. Its 40mm maximum leg diameter adds enhanced stability and rigidity, ideal for grand cinema rigs.
  2. Swift Setup & Dismantle: Its user-friendly design ensures instantaneous deployment and takedown, so you never miss a moment worth capturing.
  3. 75mm Half Bowl Head Mount: The 75mm half bowl facilitates compatibility with a diverse range of video heads, ensuring fluid pan and tilt actions for consistently smooth cinematic sequences.
  4. Remarkable Load Endurance: Its deceptively lightweight design can securely hold equipment up to a whopping 25kg, making it an invaluable ally for even the most gear-intensive shoots.
  5. Adaptable Working Heights: From capturing evocative low-angles at 21cm to sweeping panoramas at 153cm, the tripod’s height versatility knows no bounds.
  6. Ergonomic Design Innovations: Its compact stature, at a mere 75cm when closed and weighing just 4.3kg, complements both studio and on-field shoots. Additionally, the Pro version introduces a carry handle, ensuring effortless transportation.
  7. Mid-Level Spreader: Ensure greater stability and uniform leg spreading, especially on uneven terrains.
  8. Quick Release Levelling Base with 3/8″ Mount: Rapidly adjust and ensure your gear is perfectly levelled, enhancing your shooting precision.
  9. Versatile Feet Design: Dual spiked feet promise unparalleled grip on softer grounds, whereas the rubber horseshoe coverings guarantee stability on flat surfaces. Plus, compatibility with the Sirui DT-06 dolly broadens its application scope.

The Sirui SVT75 Pro Rapid Professional Video Carbon Fibre Tripod isn’t just a tool—it’s a commitment to exceptional stability, adaptability, and excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned cinematographer or a budding videographer, embrace Sirui’s promise of flawless support and let the world witness your narratives with impeccable stability.