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Sirui SVT75 Lite Rapid Professional Video Carbon Fibre Tripod


  • 75mm bowl Fitting
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Rapid deployment legs
  • Supports up to 25kgs
  • Height range 21cm to 153cm
  • One stage leg adjustment
  • Integrated spiked feet
  • Removable horseshoe foot pads


Sirui SVT75 Lite Rapid Professional Video Carbon Fibre Tripod

Elevate Your Cinematic Vision

Discover the perfect fusion of strength, versatility, and feather-light design with the Sirui SVT75 Lite Rapid Professional Video Carbon Fibre Tripod. Expertly engineered to meet the demands of professionals and videography enthusiasts alike, this tripod offers an unmatched blend of durability and ease-of-use, ensuring your video capturing experience is second to none.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Carbon Fibre Construction: Benefit from a tripod that’s as light as it is robust. With its superior carbon fibre build, the SVT75 Lite offers optimal strength without the weight, making it easy to transport and reliable on any shoot. The 40mm maximum leg diameter provide great stability and rigidity, perfect for large cinema rigs.
  2. Quick Action Deployment: With its intuitive design, setting up or packing away the tripod is a breeze, ensuring you never miss that critical shot.
  3. 75mm Half Bowl Head Mount: Accommodating a wide variety of video heads, the 75mm half bowl mount ensures seamless pan and tilt movements, resulting in smooth, cinematic shots every time.
  4. Impressive Load Capacity: Despite its light frame, the SVT75 Lite can comfortably support equipment weighing up to 25kg, making it a trusted companion for even the heaviest of professional video gear.
  5. Flexible Working Heights: Whether you’re capturing a low-angle dramatic scene or a panoramic vista, the tripod’s adjustable height range—from a minimum of 21cm to a towering 153cm—offers immense flexibility to suit your creative needs.
  6. Compact Design: With a closed length of just 75cm and weighing in at 3.5kg, this tripod is both travel-friendly and compact, ensuring it won’t be a burden whether you’re in the studio or on the go.
  7. Adaptable Feet: Duel spiked feet on each leg provide great traction on soft surfaces while the ribber horseshoe covered allow for stability and traction on flat surfaces. The SVT75 Lite is also compatible with the Sirui DT-06 dolly.


The Sirui SVT75 Lite Rapid Professional Video Carbon Fibre Tripod is not just a piece of equipment—it’s a promise of unparalleled stability, versatility, and quality. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate hobbyist, this tripod will stand by you, supporting your vision and ensuring your shots remain as steady as your ambition. Elevate your videography with Sirui and let the world see your story through a stable lens.