Sirui P-204SR Aluminum 4 Section Monopod


  • Monopod with Standing Base/Mini Tripod
  • Standing Base Allows Swivel, Tilt
  • Swivel 360°, Tilt 20°
  • Load Capacity: 8 kg
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SIRUI P-SR Series Photo/Video Monopods have three sturdy fold-down support feet that provide stability and flexibility not possible with conventional monopods! The rugged feet allow you to pan the monopod 360o and tilt 20o in any direction without worrying that the monopod will move out of position! And you can step on the feet for even greater stability!

The SIRUI designed and patented 360o panning hand grip produces smooth, pro-level panning effects. It’s foam padded for a comfortable feel and secure hold in cold or wet conditions. If you don’t need the panning function, simply tighten the locking collar.

To tilt the monopod 20o in any direction, SIRUI utilises a precision ball head mechanism in the base of the monopod. Control the amount of drag that you need by turning the tension control knob. To restrict movement (no tilting) twist the vertical locking collar and turn it into a monopod with support feet.

The support feet can fold flush and lock into position against the monopod leg. The large rubber foot lets you work on slippery surfaces and can be replaced with a stainless steel spike for use outdoors.

In response to demands for compact travel versions, the new SIRUI P-326SR and P-426SR have been introduced. They fold extremely small – 54~57cm (21~22.4 in.) and can easily fit into carry-on luggage or, when disassembled, most backpacks. These 6-section monopods have 10 layers of 100% Carbon Fiber for added strength.

If you don’t need the feet, you can easily unscrew them and convert the SIRUI P-SR Photo/video Monopod into a conventional monopod. And for added flexibility, the feet can be used as a table-top or low angle tripod!

SIRUI P-SR Series Photo/video monopods are equally at home with photo and video equipment.  And if you need to get your equipment up high or want an unusual perspective, you can, thanks to the lightweight design!! For fast connect/disconnect, you can add the SIRUI MP-20 Photo or VH-90 Video Quick Release Platforms.

– Weight: 1.5kg

– Max. load: 8kg

– Monopod height: 68-160cm

Notes: (1)Not for use as a free-standing support. (2) Camera and lens are not included