Silence Corner Atoll X – Black



  • The quickest, easiest and most innovative solution to rotate the camera between portrait/landscape orientation
  • 10 x Faster than using an standard L-bracket plus the center of gravity is more stable than using an L-bracket
  • Compatible with larger camera bodies such as the Nikon Z9, Canon R3 and medium format cameras like the Fuji GFX100s and Hasselblad X2D
  • L-Brackets need to be released from tripod clamp, re-positioned and fixed back to the tripod clamp = Atoll requires a knob to unlocked and the camera can be freely rotated between portrait and landscape
  • When rotating Atoll there is 4 click points at 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees to ensure the image remains level
  • Compatible with ALL Tripods – Atoll features an Arca Swiss compatible foot and is instantly compatible with all Arca compatible heads or use the 1/4″ mount with any other tripod.
  • Quickly change lenses without needing to remove the Atoll or remove the camera from a tripod.
  • Fully compatible with ALL tilt and articulating screens
  • Compatible with larger camera bodies and camera cages.
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The Atoll X from Silence Corner will be a welcome solution if you frequently shoot in horizontal and vertical formats. 

The Atoll X is a rotating collar that attaches to your camera body so you can quickly rotate the camera from portrait to landscape orientation. This is common for landscape photographers, Real Estate photographers, studio Portrait photographers, and content creators who also need to film in vertical and horizontal formats. 

Unlike a traditional L-Bracket, the Atoll doesn’t need to be removed from the tripod head to change orientation. Release the locking knob and rotate the camera. Changing from Portrait to landscape orientation is super fast and easy. Another benefit over traditional L-Brackets is that the Atoll doesn’t interfere with cameras that have fully articulating screens. Screens can be fully moved and positioned without any compromise. When positioned at 180 degrees, the Atoll can be used under the tripod when it’s inverted for low-angle or macro shooting. 

The Atoll X has tactile indicators at 0°, 90°, 180°and 270° to ensure your alignment is maintained. As the camera is mounted with the sensor positioned in the center of the Atoll, the center point of your image is maintained as you rotate. This is particularly useful when composing your image. 

The ring is attached to the camera via the 1/4inch tripod mount and doesn’t contact the lens. This allows you to change lenses while it is mounted quickly and easily. The Atoll X is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and is rugged yet remarkably lightweight. The mounting plate has large amounts of adjustability, allowing the Atoll X to be mounted on many cameras, such as cameras with in-built grips, battery grips, and medium format cameras. The Atoll X can also be used in conjunction with camera cages. 

The mounting foot on the Atoll is Arca-Swiss compatible, providing wide-range compatibility with most tripod heads and clamps on the market. The second plate under the camera is reversible, providing a large amount of up and down adjustability to accommodate small to large camera bodies. The inner diameter of the Atoll X is 90mm, so it can be mounted with lenses that have a diameter smaller than 90mm.

The Atoll is available in four sizes Atoll S, Atoll C, Atoll D, and Atoll X.

They are compatible with many cameras and lenses, including DSLR and Mirrorless cameras from Canon, Fujifilm, Leica, Nikon, Olympus/OM, Sony, and Panasonic. Additional Extender and Heightening plates are available separately and assist in dialing in the correct fit on smaller or differently shaped camera bodies.