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NiSi S5 Kit 150mm Filter Holder with Enhanced Landscape NC CPL for Nikon PC 19mm f/4E ED


  • Designed especially for Nikon PC 19mm f/4E ED
  • Special edition including the Enhanced Landscape C-PL
  • Allows the use of 2 filters with an integrated rotating Enhanced Landscape C-PL
  • 360 degree rotating
  • Aluminum-alloy construction
  • Gear for orienting polariser
  • No Vignetting

The NiSi S5 Kit 150mm Filter Holder with Enhanced Landscape NC CPL for Nikon PC 19mm f/4E ED is ideal for landscape photographers who wish to combine an ultra wide angle lens with a filter system. The S5 filter holder system is constructed with aluminium alloy utilising CNC technology.

It allows the use of an integrated Enhanced Landscape NC CPL and two 150mm filters without vignetting throughout 360 degrees of rotation. It is a new 150mm filter system which includes a multiple model adapter to allow use with selected ultra wide angle lenses.

A geared design allows the integrated Landscape CPL to be rotated while using 150mm filters using two gear located on the rear of the holder, a design feature taken from our leading V5 Pro holder.  The holder allows very quick installation and removal without removing the lens from the camera.  The front of the holder with clips holding the 150mm filters can be rapidly removed to allow focus and easy replacement or removal of the filters.

The NiSi S5 Landscape NC CPL For S5 150mm Holder is an ultra HD polariser designed to eliminate reflections and glare effectively when using ultra wide angle lenses.  Is made using Nitto polarising film and increases the saturation of the scene.  The Landscape NC CPL provides a more uniform polarisation, Increase the intensity of polarisation, Maintains a more neutral colour balance and has a greater haze reduction effect.

The kit includes the holder, an adaptor mount for the Nikon PC 19mm f/4E ED, a NiSi Enhanced Landscape C-PL and a case to store the holder.

S5 Contents Landscape C-PL