NiSi ATHENA Full Spectrum FS ND 0.3 (1 Stop) Drop-In Filter for ATHENA Lenses


  • Designed for use with NiSi Athena full-frame prime lenses featuring a drop-in filter slot
  • Darkens the overall image by 1 stop
  • Enables slower shutter speed utilization
  • Facilitates wider aperture settings
  • Delivers full-spectrum neutrality for authentic, true-to-life outcomes
  • Enhanced with NiSi Optical Nano Coating technology
  • Crafted from high-quality optical glass
  • Encased in a lightweight yet robust aluminum frame
  • Comes with a convenient carry case for easy transportation

Step into a new era of photography with the NiSi ATHENA FS ND 0.3 Drop-In Filter. Designed for the NiSi Athena lenses, this filter enables slower shutter speeds and wider apertures, unlocking a world of creative possibilities. With its high-quality optical glass and full-spectrum neutrality, every shot is a step closer to perfection. Your journey towards impeccable photography begins here.

Unleash the boundless potential of your NiSi Athena lenses with the NiSi ATHENA FS ND 0.3 (1 Stop) Drop-In Filter. This meticulously designed accessory darkens your images by one stop, paving the path for slowed shutter speed and broader aperture settings. Venture into new realms of cinematic creativity, capturing motion in a surreal veil or isolating subjects with a beautifully blurred background.

The NiSi ATHENA FS ND 0.3 Drop-In Filter isn’t just any filter; it’s a testament to NiSi’s unwavering commitment to optical excellence. Infused with the NiSi Optical Nano Coating technology, this gem guarantees full-spectrum neutrality for authentic, true-to-life cinematic outcomes. Every shot retains its original color fidelity and clarity, free from the common distortions or color shifts. Crafted from high-grade optical glass encased in a robust yet lightweight aluminum frame, it’s built to endure the rigors of the field while delivering impeccable cinematic quality.

We understand the pulse of a cinematographer’s desire for convenience and mobility. That’s why the NiSi ATHENA FS ND 0.3 Drop-In Filter comes with a handy carry case, making it a breeze to transport and ensuring it’s always there when inspiration strikes. With its snug fit in the Athena lenses’ drop-in filter slot, it’s not just an accessory but an extension of your lens, ready to adapt to your creative whims wherever your photography journey takes you.

Compatible with NiSi ATHENA Full Frame Primes with a Drop-In Filter Slot.