Novoflex QLEG C3940 SET3 QuadroLeg 4-Section Carbon Fiber Leg (3-Pack)


  • For TrioPod PRO75 Modular Tripod System
  • 4 Leg Sections
  • 50cm to 161cm Telescoping Length
  • 39mm Leg Diameter
  • Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Rubber Feet
  • Replaceable Spikes
  • Mix & Match Legs to Customize Tripod

Create an extremely stable and versatile camera support with the 3-pack of QuadroLeg 4-Section Carbon Fiber Legs from Novoflex. Designed for use with the TrioPod PRO75 modular tripod system, these 19.7 to 63.4″ telescoping legs attach to any of the system’s tripod bases . By swapping, mixing, and matching legs you’ll be able to shoot from a variety of vantage points as well as to easily achieve a rock-stable stance on uneven terrain.

Also compatible with other TrioPod systems as well as with QuadroPod systems

– Four leg sections with diameters of 39, 35.5, 31.5, and 27mm
– Eight-layer carbon fiber construction
– Rubber feet and replaceable spikes