Novoflex CASTEL-MINI II Arca-Type Compatible Mini Focusing Rack


  • Focusing racks are vital for macro bellows systems allowing precise camera movements to achieve focus with the most challenging depth of field situations
  • Lightweight for easy transport in the field adding just over a half pound to your camera bag or backpack (0.2kg)
  • Max travel distance of the sliding block: 10cm.
  • Adjustment range with a complete rotation of the drive wheel: 1.5cm
  • Camera mount 1/4″-20 standard photo thread; base is ARCA-compatible for quick release heads plus 1/4″ and 3/8″ threaded receivers
  • Perfectly pairs with NOVOFLEX BAL-F and Auto Macro
  • Bellows Systems for critical focus without moving tripod

With dual gearing the NOVOFLEX Castel-MINI II Focusing Rack is an invaluable tool for any macro photographer. 3.9” of total movement is available, and the entire assembly can be attached to either a conventional tripod head or an ARCA-compatible quick release clamp (made by Arca-Swiss, Benro, Foba, NPC, Gitzo & others).