NiSi Cinema 95-80mm Clamp On Adaptor for C5 Matte Box


  • 95 – 80mm Clamp on Adaptor
  • Clamp-On Design
  • Compatible with the NiSi C5 Matte Box and Athena Prime Lenses
  • Works with any brand 95mm Clamp matte box and 80mm Clamp on lens
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Unleash Cinematic Brilliance: NiSi Cinema 95-80mm Clamp-On Adaptor

Seamless Compatibility

Effortless Integration with Your Gear. ¬†Embrace the seamless compatibility of the NiSi Cinema 95-80mm Clamp On Adaptor, designed to fit perfectly with your NiSi C5 Matte Box and Athena Prime Lenses. This adaptor ensures a snug, secure fit, eliminating any worries about mismatched equipment. It’s not just limited to NiSi products; its universal design welcomes any brand with a 95mm clamp matte box and 80mm clamp-on lens, making it a versatile addition to your filmmaking arsenal.

Enhanced Filmmaking Experience

Step into a world of enhanced creativity with the NiSi Cinema 95-80mm Clamp On Adaptor. This essential tool empowers cinematographers to quickly swap lenses and adapt to various shooting conditions without compromising on quality. Its robust construction ensures longevity, while the lightweight design guarantees ease of use, making it a must-have for both aspiring filmmakers and seasoned professionals.