NiSi ATHENA PL-E Adapter for PL Mount Lenses to Sony E Cameras


  • [Elevate Your Photography] Transform your shots with seamless compatibility between PL mount lenses and Sony E cameras.
  • [Lightweight Brilliance] Unleash your creativity without the burden of heavy equipment – the adapter weighs just 195g.
  • [Rugged Durability] Crafted with stainless steel, this adapter ensures long-lasting performance in any shooting condition.
  • [Reflection-Free Precision] Advanced flocking technique eliminates unwanted reflections, enhancing clarity and quality.
  • [Weatherproof Seal] This adapter features a waterproof seal on the camera side, guarding your gear against the elements.
  • [Textured Elegance] The spray-coated exterior not only looks stylish but also offers a secure grip for confident handling.
  • [Perfect Fit] Say goodbye to gaps and wobbles – the NiSi ATHENA PL-E Adapter ensures a seamless, stable connection.
  • [Infinite Focusing Freedom] The NiSi ATHENA adapter allows Infinite Focusing.
  • [Compatible with NiSi ATHENA] The perfect companion for the NiSi ATHENA PL Mount lenses.

Unleash Creative Freedom with NiSi ATHENA PL-E Adapter

Elevate Your Photography with Lightweight Precision

Discover the perfect blend of style and substance with the NiSi ATHENA PL-E Adapter. Crafted for photographers who demand excellence, this adapter bridges the gap between PL mount lenses and Sony E cameras with seamless finesse.

  • Sleek Design, Lightweight Brilliance: Embrace a travel-friendly companion that boasts a mere 195g (6.88oz) weight. The NiSi ATHENA PL-E Adapter effortlessly combines premium quality with featherlight portability.
  • Stainless Steel Front End: Designed to endure the rigors of professional use, the front end and lens mount are crafted from stainless steel. This rugged construction ensures that your equipment remains steadfast through every shooting scenario.

Uncompromising Quality Meets Functionality

Revolutionize your photographic journey with an adapter that’s engineered for excellence. The NiSi ATHENA PL-E Adapter offers more than meets the eye, providing you with a tool that’s built to last and designed to impress.

  • Reflection-Free Artistry: Bid farewell to unwanted reflections. The NiSi ATHENA PL-E Adapter utilizes an advanced inside flocking technique, eliminating distracting reflections and enhancing the clarity of your shots.
  • Watertight Assurance: This adapter features a waterproof seal on the camera side. Don’t let a sudden rain shower or unforeseen moisture dampen your creative process. The NiSi ATHENA PL-E Adapter ensures your gear stays dry and ready for action.

Seamless Integration, Unbounded Creativity

Experience the perfect harmony between form and function. The NiSi ATHENA PL-E Adapter redefines adaptability, creating a bridge between different worlds, all while enhancing your artistic possibilities.

  • Textured Spray-Coated Exterior: Admire the tactile beauty of the textured spray-coated exterior. Meticulously engineered, it not only adds a touch of elegance to your gear but also provides a secure grip for effortless handling.
  • Flawless Fitting: Eradicate gaps and wobbles from your setup. The NiSi ATHENA PL-E Adapter offers a seamless fit that ensures your lens stays securely in place, allowing you to concentrate solely on capturing the perfect shot.
  • Infinite Focusing: The NiSi ATHENA PL-E Adapter fully supports infinite focusing, giving you the freedom to fine-tune your compositions with precision.